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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Amazon opens Australian store for ebooks, Kindle apps and Kindle Direct Publishing, amazon, australia, amazon australia,
It's probably only days since you said to someone, 'I wonder when Amazon will open an Australian store?'

And suddenly it has, on or about November 12, selling 2 million ebook titles and Kindle apps as well as a full release of the 'all new Kindle fire and Kindle Fire HXD' and the Kindle Paperwhite in Australian retailers Dick Smith and Big W.

A quick review of the site shows a strong emphasis on Australian content and all the big current releases. And while some better known titles might be cheaper than on or, others are more expensive due no doubt to exchanged rates and tax calculations.

Kindle Direct Publishing will also be available to Australian authors who choose to publish their book through Amazon Kindle alone, with the promise of 70 per cent royalties.

Not catered for at this stage are private booksellers, something that will be attractive to many people who may currently find it hard to sell via other Amazon sites because of the need to have a US or UK bank account etc. And if you prefer paper books, then stick with your local retailer - and watch this space.

With about 24 Sydney based Amazon jobs listed on the US Amazon site, it's clear that there is more to come for Amazon in Australia and no doubt the whole publishing industry will be watching closely, as will readers.

Check out Amazon's full media release on
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What do you think of the Amazon Australia store?


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