Public Health and Plain Packaging of Cigarettes - Legal Issues

What would public controversy be without a tell-all book but Public Health and Plain Packaging of Cigarettes: Legal Issues does not really fit into that category.

As the government and heath campaigners celebrate their victory in the courts and tobacco companies consider the greener grass of Africa and India, you can lose yourself in the intricacies of the issue.

‘This book provides a definitive account of Australia’s pioneering public health legislation on the plain packaging of tobacco products. The regime was designed to implement the World Health Organisation Framework Convention on Tobacco Control and address the impacts of “the tobacco epidemic”," says Matthew Rimmer of The Australian National University College of Law.

Interestingly, the book is not published by Melbourne University Publishing despite that institution's connection with the issue. It was picked up by British publisher Edward Elgar Publishing, perhaps an indication of where the next legal tussle over tobacco plain packaging may occur.

They must be pleased that one of the book's editors, Andrew Mitchell, was a prominent interviewee on the 7.30pm Report tonight and no doubt he will continue to be sought-after talent as the issue mushrooms.

Public Health and Plain Packaging of Cigarettes: Legal Issues - edited by Tania Voon, Andrew D. Mitchell, Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne, Australia and Jonathan Liberman, Director, McCabe Centre for Law and Cancer. 288 pp Hardback, August 2012. Retail between $109 and $191.


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