Top 10 from Five Mile Press

Five Mile Press, an Australian publisher now owned by Swedish media company, Bonnier AB, is making the most of Father's Day with some well targeted titles in Australia Post stores.

A range of newly released books such as Wild Colonial Boys and Off The Track and other anthologies are carefully positioned (in some POs at least) next to the counter queue.

As men are notoriously hard to buy for and it is their book-loving wives or mother's most likely scratching their heads as to what to get for the bloke in their lives, more than a few of these 'blokey' but beaut books are likely to walk out the door.

Meanwhile, Five Mile Press's Top 10 selling titles right now are:
  1. Running Pink  - Deborah DeWilliams and Megan Norris  
  2. Australian Crime File 3  - Paul B. Kidd
  3. Woolsheds  - Andrew Chapman
  4. Wild Colonial Boys - Geoff Hocking 
  5. Blackened Tanner: The Dennis Tanner Story - Ron Irwin
  6. The Things I Love About Pets  - Trace Moroney  
  7. Missing You  - Justine Ford  
  8. Barbie Fairy Secret Deluxe Colouring Book
  9. Don't Call Me A Koala Bear & Other Aussie Songs
  10. The Illustrated History of Australia  - A.K. Macdougall


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