Harper Voyager open the stargates to unsolicited novels, briefly

If the stars are your companions and new forms of space travel are coursing through your imagination then go to warp speed 7 because you've got about a month to write at least 70,000 words and submit your spectacular novel directly to a major publisher.

Don't despair if ogres eating elves who are on long contemplative journeys through uncharted lands are more your bowl of ale, the offer is open to all new, unpublished speculative fiction.

Forbes magazine The Guardian are reporting today that science fiction imprint of Harper Collins, Harper Voyager, will accept manuscript submissions directly from authors from October 1 to 14 with the goal of finding 12 undiscovered authors that they will digitally publish monthly for the next year.

The Harper Voyager submission portal is advertising the opportunity as a joint effort between Voyager Australia, US and the UK:
"We’re seeking all kinds of adult and young adult speculative fiction for digital publication, but particularly epic fantasy, science fiction, urban fantasy, horror, dystopia and supernatural. For more idea of the type of books we love to read and publish, check out our authors and their titles at www.harpervoyagerbooks.com"
The publishers of Feist, Hobbs, CS Lewis and Asimov to name a few do not usually take unsolicited submissions but in any case, reportedly 50 to 100 agent-submitted books every week. But agents will not be allowed to join this free-for-all, although self-publishers are.

Harper Voyager are preparing editors for the inundation of fiction that will arrive during the two weeks.

Happy speculating. Read more at Forbes.


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