Mal Fletcher's new book to be launched in November

This morning Mal Fletcher tweeted:
"Just saw draft ideas for cover of my new #book, launch late November. Very impressive! Editing now in progress. #author"
It sounds like a fast-turnaround, but then Mal Fletcher is a man with a firm grip on the future.
A futurist and social commentator with a background as a Christian pastor, Fletcher moved from Australia to Europe in 1994 to found Next Wave International, a communications group which helps European community organisations and charities to deal with future change.
Based first in Copenhagen then London, he also launched the Euro Youth Events network, hosting ongoing, alcohol-free concerts in eight major European capitals.
Fletcher also founded the Strategic Leadership Consultation, an annual summit for European community and church leaders from 20 nations. The summit focuses on engaging the future of society in a proactive way.
In 2008, he launched 2020Plus to assist companies and media groups as they prepare for change during a near-global recession. His social comment features extensively in major media and press outlets, including BBC TV and radio, Sky TV and others. 
The TV series Fletcher wrote and hosted, Edges, has been seen in many regions of the world and his books have been translated into five languages.

The title of his new book is yet to be revealed, likewise the cover tantalisingly tweeted about this morning.
But an extract from the book is available from the 2020plus website:
The next few decades will witness the greatest challenges to human survival in our history - and the greatest opportunities for creative fulfilment. A new but rapidly burgeoning field of transhuman technologies will emerge, promising us all kinds of physical and mental advantages as we meld our human tissue with mechanical or organi-mechanical materials and nanochips. Need a memory upgrade? Simply inject this nanobot into your brain. At the same time, this sparkling new technology will leave many of our children - and their children - grappling with the question, 'What does it really mean to be human?'
Read the full extract here and stay tuned for more details of Fletcher's new book.


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