Move over Hungry Caterpillar, cover revealed of Eric Carle's new book Friends

The Very Hungry Caterpillar author Eric Carle will release his 68th book, Friends, later this year and The Huffington Post is reporting an exclusive look at the cover. 
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Meanwhile, Eric Carle's colourful and sprightly blog continues to feature his current book, The Artist Who Painted A Blue Horse, which is "an homage to the Expressionist painter Franz Marc. In WW11 Germany, my high school teacher Herr Krauss introduced me to abstract and Expressionist art during a time when works such as these had been banned. he so-called “degenerate art,” paintings of modern and expressionistic art my teacher showed me were unlike anything I had been exposed to before. And really this experience changed my life, though I didn't know it at the time."

Regarding the upcoming book, Friends, by the 83-year-old author, a Penguin media statement says it is about:
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"...the love that binds people and the obstacles they will overcome in order to be together... Friends dates back to 1952, when I was a 22 year greenhorn who arrived in New York City from Germany, speaking poor English and carrying a cardboard suitcase and a portfolio of my graphic designs. It was my good luck to meet Leo Lionni, then the Art Director of Fortune magazine, who became my mentor. Upon his recommendation I got my first job in the new world as a graphic designer with The New York Times. After that a loose and infrequent friendship with Leo developed that lasted until his death in 1999. Friends started out as a tribute to Leo Lionni, but the story somehow swerved into the story of another friendship, that of two small children. All friendships are somehow connected."
Check out Eric Carle's website here and his blog here.


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