James Dobson focuses on fictional future in new book Fatherless

Fatherless, Dr James Dobson, Kurt Bruner, Childless, Godless, euthanasia, new book, book reviewAuthor of Dare to Discipline, Bringing up Boys and about 30 other titles has written his first fiction book, Fatherless, with co-author Kurt Bruner.

Released last month, Fatherless is a dystopia likened by the publisher, Faithwords (Hatchette) to 1984 and Brave New World.

Conservative US media personality, Glen Beck, likened the book to Uncle Tom's Cabin, Harriet Beecher Stowe's classic that contributed to the start of the American Civil War and the end of slavery in that country.

While interviewing Dobson recently, Beck held up both Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Fatherless, and said, 'This, uh, many believe, is this. This will wake people up.'

Wake people up, in Dobson's words, to the 'redefining of life' through a growing normalisation of abortion, euthanasia and infanticide.

The book opens in 2041 with a 'volunteer' submitting to an ending of life or 'transition' for the good of family and country. It continues by exploring this future where the aversion to 'breeding' has led to a 'tipping point towards de-population'.

'This fictional future is based upon the real-world trajectory of current demographic, economic, legal and cultural trends,' the book's publicity explains.

In fact it is more than a book, it is a series of books and a campaign. Childless is set for release in September 2013 and Godless in May 2014.

Alongside this, Bruner is inviting people to his blog to, 'Explore the demographic and sociological trends portrayed in these books and celebrate the resilient beauty of God's design for marriage and parenthood.'

Both author's have strong affiliations with Focus of The Family, of which Dobson is the founder and former chairman.

Reviews so far seem to fall predictably along ideological lines and the inherent worth of the book as a work of literature is not the main feature of reviews seen. As Cread has not read the book, the best we can do is offer you a link to the first chapter to help you make up your own mind.

Read Chapter One of Fatherless or buy your own copy by clicking on the cover image (Amazon) or the Booktopia banner.

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