Mailbooks For Good available at Gleebooks benefiting The Footpath Library

Mailbooks for Good, Gleebooks, Peter Fitzsimmons, Random House, Footpath Library
An Australian ad company, BMF,  has developed an innovative book mailing product that will hopefully lead to many more good quality books being donated to reading programs for disadvantaged people.

Mailbooks for Good is like an 'inbuilt' book mailing envelope that is part of the cover of the book and which can be folded out to encase the book with address and postage included to a chosen book charity or program.

Mailbooks for Good is being trialled now with five Random House titles available from Gleebooks in Sydney with the beneficiary being The Footpath Library.

The current Mailbooks for Good titles, selected in cooperation with Random House, are Crack Hardy by Stephen Dando-Collins, Wanting by Richard Flanagan, And Now for Some Light Relief by Peter Fitzsimons, The Fix by Nick Earls and Bureau of Mysteries by HJ Harper.

The idea is that customers see a book they like in a bookstore and realise that not only can they read it, but can easily send it on to be enjoyed by someone who otherwise might miss out.

The Footpath Library, which is the first beneficiary, aims to make books more accessible to the homeless and disadvantaged members of society, change our attitudes to these people and encourage literacy. It currently operates in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and has plans to expand around Australia. (It is worthy of a separate blog post soon!)

So head over to Gleebooks in Glebe and join in the book-sharing fun and to find out more, check out the video on our Creadeo page.


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