National Bookshop Day heads to the US as 'localism' movement grows

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Small independent bookstores are fighting back in the US and a visit to Australia by American Booksellers Association chief executive Oren Teicher may add further strength to their market presence.

Jason Steger of The Age reports that Teicher was in Australia for the Australian Booksellers Association conference in Adelaide and while bringing an encouraging message to Australian booksellers, would be taking something good back home.

Mr Teicher indicated National Bookshop Day, which the Australian Bookseller Association introduced in 2011, would fit well with the 'burgeoning localism movement in the US that pushes the benefits for shoppers and the community of locally owned businesses.'

'This localism has changed the way people shop,' he said.

'My message to my friends in Australia is hold on because things are coming back and consumers are going to understand your value. We went through a rough patch, but at the end of the day, customers and readers want bookstores to survive,' Teicher told The Age.

Not surprisingly then, the idea of 'local' is emphasised in promotions for National Bookshop Day 2013 to be held on August 10. Check out the promotional video launched last week and follow news on Facebook.


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