No Easy Day author interview appears on Channel 10 nine months after screening in US

No Easy Day, Channel 10, Osama bin laden, Mark Owen, interviewChannel 10 is promoting the screening of a US 60 Minutes interview with the author of No Easy Day which first aired in America last September.

It's publicity says, 'In a one-hour TEN special event, hear the remarkable first-hand account of the raid that killed the world’s most wanted terrorist, from one of the US Navy SEALS who pulled the trigger. Telling his story for the very first time on Australian television, Mark Owen – a former SEAL who was in the room when Osama bin Laden died – speaks to Scott Pelley in his only interview.

Cread first reported the interview with author Matt Bissonnette (briefly known by the pseudonym Mark Owens)in our September 1, 2012 story on the then new book release, No Easy Day.

Read our full story here which contains video of part of the interview which TEN is describing as a 'special event'.

Of course many in Australia will have not seen the interview or read the book, which was contrvoersial at the time not only for possibly putting the author at risk from al-Qaeda, but also because of the possibility that it might breach disclosure agreements.

More from Channel TEN's publicity:

'Owen, who uses a pseudonym for security, recalls each step of the May 2011 mission and the preparation he and the elite force made for it. His SEAL comrades and hundreds of others played a role in the historic mission that brought about the end of the decade-long hunt for the al-Qaeda terrorist leader.

'Owen’s riveting account mirrors that of Kathryn Bigelow’s Hollywood blockbuster Zero Dark Thirty. His true identity is clouded in secrecy, and a heavy disguise and voice distorter are used to protect him.

'Hosted by TEN’s award-winning National Political Editor and Canberra Bureau Chief, Hugh Riminton, Killing Bin Laden: A TEN News Special comes hard on the heels of NATO handing over security for the whole of Afghanistan for the first time since the Taliban were ousted in 2001.

Killing bin Laden: A TEN News Special. Tuesday June 25, 9.30pm. (Click cover image above to purchase book from Booktopia).


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