The dance of faith and family explained in new book: How the West Really Lost God

Secularisation in western culture is due to the breakdown of the family, and not the intelligent strength of atheists or the spiritual apathy brought on by wealth.

So argues author Mary Eberstadt in her new book How the West Really Lost God: A New Theory on Secularization, published by Templeton Press, 268 pages.

Eberstadt attempts to dispel myths such as the idea that atheists are intellectually superior to dimwitted believers and argues that a growing secularisation is due to a less flourishing family life among people of faith.

Faith reinforces family life and family life reinforces family. When this cycle is broken, both decline.

She looks at the shattering of family life that occurred in 18th and 19th century Britain bringing a parallel decline in religious (until challenged by revival moments such as seen in the Methodists and Salvation Army).

A similar decline in family life, such as among American farmers this century, coincides with growing secularisation, for example.

And so a scenario where faith disappears or revives is considered in How the West Really Lost God.



  1. A very interesting read I sure hope that I get a copy this days a book like this is hard to find


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