Are Australians buying less books from overseas or just less books?

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Australia's latest trade data suggests Australians may have curbed their overseas spending on items such as books and toys.

According to Business Insider Australia, the Australian Bureau of Statistics' latest trade data shows a narrowing in the deficit on the Balance of Goods and Services to a seasonally adjusted $284 million from $693 million last month.

A key to this was a fall in imports including a $40 million or eight per cent reduction in the importation of books, toys and leisure goods.

In less encouraging news for books, the ABS seasonally adjusted estimate for book and newspaper retailing fell by -1.4%.

Either way, booksellers, publishers and authors will be hoping that the many new titles flooding the market will be met by increased local buying.

Business Insider Australia article
Retail Trade figures

What's your view on Australian's buying less books?


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