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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cread Storifies The Casual Vacancy on Twitter

Twitter reviews The Casual Vacancy

JK Rowling's The Casual Vacancy released last month was one of the most awaited novels of recent time. But what is the world's verdict on the adult novel from the author of Harry Potter? Rather than read 10 million reviews, let's keep comments to about... say... 140 characters?

Storified by Cread · Thu, Oct 18 2012 04:50:32

J.K. ROWLING " The Casual Vacancy "← o bruxinhoo
Rather enjoyed The Casual Vacancy, in a gentle, guilty way. Like Joanna Trollope crossed with Jonathan CoeJustine Jordan
That's one for TCV.
I just finished reading The Casual Vacancy. I feel so empty now but at the same time I need a new book to read #bookwormproblemsMaryah
Not sure if that's for or against.
I bought The Casual Vacancy :) And I'm liking it so far...JessicaCamicaWood ϟ
That's another for... so far.
the casual vacancy is one of the most boring books i've ever read. struggling to pick it up againPushkraj Dole
That's one against.
So I just finished The Casual Vacancy. @jk_rowling you made me cry. (Again!)BADDY Nelson
That's three for.
@Librarydotcolm The Casual Vacancy. I thought it was brilliant. This is like having post-harry-potter-ennui-disorder all over again.Claire Stewart
That's four for.
RT @MAMA_UMBRIDGE: PLOT TWIST: The casual vacancy was the 8th harry potter book, only the names were changed because it was 'too mature' for younger readersAlice Ϟ
And one for confused.
RT @HogwartsRadio: J.K. Rowling signing copies of 'The Casual Vacancy' last night in NYC.
Well, I guess she liked it...
20 pages into the casual vacancy by jk Rowling and bored already #yawnkarmachameleon
And she didn't, two against.
man I really need to read more of the Casual Vacancy... I've been bringing it on the train but keep just going on my phone instead :\Liz Lyon
Seems to like it but just can't get to reading it. Three against.
@mykelajana ok I finished the Casual Vacancy. It is weird and sad but REALLY GOOD. Not a trace of her HP style though. READ IT ANYWAY.Natalie Raymond
Five for TCV goodness
Finally finished reading the casual vacancy, what a depressing read!!amyevans4590
Four against
I finished The Casual Vacancy. All my body water is being lost in tears.Gabbybuscus
Six for in a teary way
The Casual Vacancy is a stunning book, well worth the read and tears.Gabrielle Felton ϟ
Seven for.
RT @cockburnlibrary: "There are a lot of erections in this book..." @mollitudo's Memorable Adult Moments in JK Rowling's The Casual Vacancy McLeod
Ummm, errr.
RT @Xiaxue: Ok I take back what I said about The casual vacancy!! Just finished reading it, the book gets engaging once you know the characters.ShinD™
A convert, eight.
@byxspeaks Is 'The Casual Vacancy' kinda boring to you? I'm thinking giving up on the book. :(ⓚⓔⓥⓘⓝ
Five against
"The Casual Vacancy is, in a funny way, not so much an extension of the Harry Potter books as their negative image" #previoustweetsMeera Taryam
And some philosphy to bring it to a close. The result, the fors have it!
RT @AAToubar: JK Rowling's The Casual Vacancy. Here we go. @SarahxFawzy @_sarahegazy Hegazy


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